Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lord of the Rings Symphony

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra is now offering tickets for a varitety of orchestra. My mum bought a package with 4 symphonies you can attend to.

My mum, bro, sis and I went for Lord of the Rings Symphony today at 3pm.

Before the show starts, we took some photos with the banners.

At the entrance, spotted some scary figure --> the dark rider (the one who rides on the dragon-thingy and Eowen killed one of it, remember?).

That fella is not a patung ok, he is a human! Note he has now crossed his hand. Spotted another figure who just cant stand still and let me take photos --> Legolas look-a-like. Both of them stood at the entrance to check your tickets.

Nah.... that's the legolas fella. He was not sleeping la, he was checking my ticket.

I was not allowed to take pictures inside the auditorium. The staffs even demanded you to delete the photos that you took inside. Plus, they were soooo sensitive until they stood beside you and stare at you even when you sms-ing / playing with you handphone. Since they asked me to delete my photos, during the interval time, I purposely took out my hp and played with it, just simply nothing to do, but I just wanna press it and just simply look at it as I wanna just simply kenakan that ego-looking staff. Really wei, she really just stood beside me all the time. Wahahaha.....

Another thing that I hate them doing was when my sis took out the drinking bottle and drink, another staff ran across the hall (I saw him running) and told her that she was not allowed to drink. I was like WTH! What can a sip of water (not soft drinks or juice ya, it was just plain water) do any harm to the auditorium? This is way too much. Anyhow, I just dont have any good impression on them. Like how people hate prefects during secondary school.

Ok, trying to prevent these 'people' (I was about to say something bad) from spoiling my mood. Back to the symphony, besides the orchestra band, there were 2 team of choir group: one team of young adults and one team of children to sing the song background. On top of that, there were a backdrop showing some scenes from the movie. It is not the original movie pictures but was hand drawn black and white of some scenes.

The symphony was phenomenal! The violins, harps, double bass, flute, saxophone, trumpet, drums, etc etc was superb! For a ticket of RM50, it was definately worth it. All the theme songs brought back lots of flash back for the movie.

At the end of the show, Galadriel lookalike came up on stage and said that there were lucky draw for 5 people. Unfortunately, we didnt kena. Sigh, how often we are lucky enough to win lucky draw?? But, all the people attended get free vouchers from New Zealand Ice Cream and Risis! Yay! Freebies.

Not to forget to wish my readers Dong Jit Kwai Le!

Have you taken your 'Tong Yuen'?

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