Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ip Man

After having dinner at Full House, we went to Cineleisure to watch Ip Man. The film is directed by Wilson Yip (he directed SPL as well) and martial arts choreography directed by Samo Hung. Having high hopes for this film as Ip Man is the legendary great master of Bruce Lee.

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I must salute Donny Yen for his role as he went on a diet of vegetables and one meal a day to obtain his figure in the movie. Remember his character in Dragon Tiger Gate, he was dem big size + muscular. In this movie, he looks good in his new look.

Dont expect to see Ip Man trains Bruce Lee during younger days as you would be disappointed. Bruce Lee character did not appear at all.

I would like to quote Ip Man's statement, "is not scare of her, is a matter of respecting her" when he was being scolded by Master Kam that he scared of his wife. Plus, Ip Man's son, Ip Chun also dem cute, he told his dad the quote of day as well!

The movie was 1 1/2 hour and it definately worth the ticket! It was filled with humours, actions and abit da violent (for me). However, the film did not state how Ip Man learn his Wing Chun kungfu (Wing Chun was originated by a lady) and how he become rich. The movie started with Ip Man, being the number 1 kungfu master in Foshan and staying in a big house. They should elaborate more since the movie is about his life as a kungfu master.


I asked Annie about Blemish Balm Cream (which is a rave in Korea) and she recommended Dr G. This brand is carried by Sasa. So before the movie, we went to Sasa Cineleisure to look for Dr G. Since I am so desperate to try out BB Cream, I bought it straight away.

Oooo... Sasa has a new tagline "Making Life Beautiful". They sure are.

They gave me this big plastic bag even though I bought just a small box of item. Hehe. Annie complained why she didnt get this bag last time.

Gowoonsesang BB Cream (RM95). Will do this review after I use it for awhile.

Remember I mentioned that I couldnt makeup my mind on which shoe to buy in Nose. I went there during my Friday lunch time and I bought this for RM25. Hehe. Cant resist Pink. I think I am becoming like Legally Blond character but not that extreme le.

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