Sunday, December 21, 2008

Incident in KLCC Food Court

As usual, we went to KLCC Food Court for lunch. In food court especially KLCC, finding a table is not an easy task. I was standing beside this table for 2-3 minutes as they were about to finish their food. Then out of nowhere, this aunty (around 50 years old, or maybe older coz she dyed her hair black) came and stood one feet beside me. I thought she was eyeing for another table so I didnt bother her.

Then, a young kid (her grandchild) came out of nowhere and sticked to her and she said, "this table almost done already, we can sit here" in cantonese. And the table she was referring to was the same table that I was eyeing at the first place! First instinct, I stared at her and she refused to look at me. I was like WTH AUNTY !!! or maybe AH POH!!!! You wanna act innocent is it??? Such women as 'experience' as you wanna snatch table with a young girl (kononnya)!

I was dem pissed! I should have just tell her off, "I come here first wo!" but I didnt want to. I scare she said, "Ah Poh also you dont wanna give place ar??" Then I mai very malu lor like that. Being a good natured girl as usual, I walked off, but I was still pissed.

Luckily, our new colleague Angela found a place (6 seater table). So I sat down at the middle and asked my colleagues to go and order food first. Then out of nowhere again, another aunty came and stood beside my table. Yup, dont know why aunties like to pop out out of nowhere in KLCC. Erm.... aunty ar....I just sat down only wo...I havent eat my lunch lei....why are you waiting for my table???

I looked at her thinking she might wanna "Dap Toi" (share table), and I will just tell her off by saying the seats are occupied. But she didnt look at me, she was staring somewhere else, aaannnndddd her butt was moving closer to my opposite seat.

Closer n closer n closer .... and now her butt was touching the back of the seat already. "Aunty, you dont sit down I tell you, if not people will say I bully old folks". Then, what I was expecting happened! She bent her body and going to sit down! OMG OMG OMG! She really tak malu betul, should have just ask me whether the place occupied or not first ma. This kampung aunty I tell you.

Then, my saviour Angela brought her tray of food and come back and stood beside the aunty. Even before the aunty could sit fully on the seat, she stood up and walked off. Phew~!!!! It all happened in split second! I cant imagine what will happen next if the scene continues.....

Ok ok, enough for the aunty aunty stories in food court. Despite the incidents, I managed to have good lunch and I bought some Ashworth shirts for my dad too! He gonna keep it until CNY.

Oh ya, my mum said yellow color is the IN color for next year! or maybe I should say the 'ONG' color! She should have tell me earlier ma...after all my sprees only tell me yellow color Ong.... =.=

Never mind, I am going for a spree in Sg Wang again with PY and MG on Monday after work. This time the target is Yellow ... Kuning .... Wong ....

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