Monday, December 22, 2008

I am so free now

Nothing to do, not in the mood of ironing clothes (I ran out of working clothes already), not in the mood of watching Gem of Life, not in mood of blogshop hopping, not in the mood of talking ..... What causes my moodiness? It's all because of PY jie jie who flied me and MG kite today. If she didnt fly kite, we would have been in Sg Wang now and spree-ing.

If PY comes into office tomorrow and tell me, "I bought the red shoes last night!". I will become a devil to her the whole day by telling her, "you should buy another pumps or peep toe or heels to match your clothes!" " you look nice in that shoes". Or maybe I will search the blogshops for pretty shoes that will catch her eyes and lure her into buying it, make her cannot sleep and keep thinking about the shoes.

Only she will understand what I meant. Whahahaha.


I have been having this conversation with Scott, discussing that why we do not have a friend that is a professional photographer, so that we can hire him during our wedding day. The pro photographers that I know are all very expensive, way out of my budget (ceh, as if I already have budget for wedding. :P). But their photography skills are so good, the photos are superb!

I always admire photographers, is not an easy task you know. Makeup artist just have to make the bride beautiful while photographer has to capture the beautiful moment of the bride! Click one second slow also different expression already. Makeup artist just do her job for 2 hours with the bride sitting down (or sometimes they slept) but photographer has to run around during the wedding, finding the correct angle to capture the expression while the people are moving.

Just now during dinner, I found out that Jojo has a DSLR camera that cost RM3k plus! The first question I asked her was, "so next time my wedding you be my photographer ya?". Then she said, "cool". Then I asked, "Free woh?". Then she said, "Yes!".

There you go, I found myself a wedding photographer. Yippee!

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siewmun said...

Quoted by PhuiYee:

"I will stop thinking about the shoes days & nites as i might gonna get it by tonite. Bluekk!!"