Monday, December 22, 2008

Tang House of Fishballs - Seapark

Just dropped by this place for a quick dinner. A teochew mee bok restaurant famous for their fish balls. I ordered Ginger Tea (RM2). Dem spicy la the ginger, dem shiok! No need to wear warmy, your stomach also warm liao.

I love their fuchuk (RM1.2o).

Dumplings (RM1.20 per piece). Now only I notice that the fillings that they used are all the same.

I dont know why I just like to eat their famous mee bok (home-made mee) with minced pork and pork lards (RM5). Super love pork lard. If you eat Hokkien mee with me before, you will know. If you are a heavy eater, this portion might not be enough for you. And for people who likes heavy taste of food, this bowl of mee might not be suitable for you as well.

Boy boy's mung bean dessert with few biji of tongyuen.

Boy boy ordered fried fish mee but they said it was out of stock, so he has to settle with this bowl of curry mee (RM5.50). I have tried this last time and I quite like the taste as it wasnt spicy. For people who loves super spicy (like PY), this bowl might not be your taste. The farnie thing was the waiter asked boy boy what mee would you prefer, then boy boy asked him back, "what do you have?". The waiter answered, "mee". Then he paused. Boy boy was actually waiting for him to give him a few more options but that fella just kept quiet. =.="

This restaurant is for people who has mild taste for food or if one day you prefer to have something light, this is the place for you.

Tang House of Fish Ball
12 & 14, Jalan 21/19, GF,
Seapark, 46300 PJ.
Tiny Direction: Located just a few shops beside KFC.

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