Friday, December 26, 2008

Hooi Loong Restaurant - DJ

Christmas day is my parents wedding anniversary too! We decided not to go to Western restaurant as they definately serving christmas set dinner whereby they charge you high price than usual. So, we went to the Chinese restaurant nearby Atria, Hooi Loong Restaurant as my mum wanna eat Peking Duck.

Lucky for her, this restaurant do serve Peking Duck at (RM60). Most of the table will order one Peking Duck. The waiter will cut the skin and wrap it for you. We just sit there and wait to be served.

Woop, peking duck skin wrapped with popia skin with a slice of cucumber and sauce it it. You can eat it with the cracker as well. The skin was crispy and quite nice. The only thing is that they do not serve the onion slices. If they have, the peking duck wrap would be perfect!

When my dad asked what meat that is Hooi Loong specialty. The captain just keep on recommending this dish. She should have give us some options to choose from la. If not how to become captain like that, dont know how to recommend things one. So we ordered claypot braised pork knuckles (RM30).

Erm, by the look of it, the thing doesnt taste good. In fact, it tasted quite bland. Hahaha....nothing to shout about this dish. Dont know why the captain recommended this.

2 style Kai Lan (RM15). The kai lan that they gave was quite big chunk and fresh, the shredded ones were too little, not enough to satisfy my cravings. The ikan billis added a kick to this dish. Nicely done.

The duck meat from the pekking duck, we chose to stir fried style. So this was our second variety of cooking for the duck. The duck meat was stir fried with pine nuts, mushrooms and other ingredients. You have to wrap the meat with the cabbage and eat it. Very nice.

Actually we wanted to order Yee Sang as well at the first place, but decided not to go for it as there were too many dishes. Luckily we didnt order Yee Sang, indeed we were all full until we cant finish the second variety of the duck.

My sis was saving her tummy for dessert. We ordered tong yuen (glutinous rice ball) in ginger soup (RM3.50) and soya soup (RM4.50) respectively. They took 15 minutes to serve our desserts, crazy ar. Then when they served, they served 4 bowls but we ordered only 2 bowls. This captain ar, really not qualified one, at first she said 4 bowls, then we corrected her, and she repeated as 2 bowls. But now they served 4 bowls. Lousy captain, we were really not satisfy with her service.

The tong yuen was embedded with black sesame. The ginger soup was heavy with ginger and was so spicy and heaty. Nice.

Happy 28th Anniversary to my mum and dad!

Lovely couple, aren't they?

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