Sunday, December 28, 2008

Full House - NZX

Calvin ajak us to try out Full House in NiuZeXui for dinner before we proceed to the movie Ip Man. Annie made a reservation in the afternoon. So we told the waiter that we have made a reservation for 7 people under the name 'Annie'. The waiter asked us to the first floor then we told the waiter on the first floor that we have made reservation under 'Annie'. The fella searched through his paper (only 4 -5 names on it), then he said no reservation under 'Annie'.

He asked is there any other name? What the heck is this question for?? Do you normally make reservation by saying, "reserved under my name Annie, or you can reserve under Calvin as well." Who the heck will do that for reservation??? We stood there for 5 minutes waiting for the waiter and the sort of 'manager' (they were all foreigners) to sort things out.

Another 5 minutes later, Annie arrived and we told them the story. If they were to chase me out and ask me wait outside, I will definately be pissed. This is because these people there didnt jott down our reservation while we did make a reservation. You think we so free go there and said that we reserve a place while we didnt???? Luckily, we were seated 2 minutes later.

Ok, back to the restaurant. This restaurant was spotted easily along the street as they have lots of victorian style decorations, fake grass and with full white background. Looks so glamorous (you will know what I mean when you browse through the photos). So let us enjoy the food under victorian style decoration.

Looking at their tagline "Lifestyle Store and Cafe", I was wondering what is it at the first place. But when you entered the cafe, you will see that besides selling food and drinks, there were other stuffs such as clothes, souvenirs, decorations etc being sold too!

Here's the menu cover. Scott said there must be story inside connected to the food. But when we read through, no story one la. Just some comical pictures displayed for fun only.

They offers cheap western food, asian food, desserts and a wide range of drinks (from shake to tea).

Chocolate milkshake (RM6.90).

Peach milkshake (RM6.90).

Ice Lemon Tea and Laici Tea (RM5.90 each).

Mango + Mango milkshake and Mango + Grape Milkshake (RM7.90 each).

Lamb Chop (RM22.90) comes with either Thyme sauce or Rosemerry sauce. The lamb was nice according to my bro, scott and annie.

Grill Seafood Platter (RM26.90). Nikky said the fish was fresh.

Wok-ser Chicken Chop (RM14.90). This dish was quite good, the sauce was its in-house specialty covered with some raisins, while the chicken was fried to crispiness.

That was boy boy's expression when I told him that I need to take 10 photos of him and choose the best one. Dont know why he gave me this expression also. He was the one who ask me choose the best photo of him. If I have to choose the best one, of cause I have to take many many photos ma....if not how to choose lei?

This restaurant is really 'full house' during weekends. Actually the place looks big but the tables are not that many. This is because the decorations took like half of the space already. Quite wasted right. If next time I were to come to this place again, definately I will make reservation first and get the fella's name (the one who take my reservation).

As a whole, the food was ok and quite reasonably priced, but the portion is a bit small lor. Nikky and Scott also not full after eating the whole main course. Although the drinks were nice, but I think is a bit too pricey for it. No doubt that this place is a good place to hang out with friends or do some celebrations.

Full House
C-G-11, Block C,
No. 2, Jalan PJU 1A/41B,
Pusat Dagangan NZX,
Ara Jaya PJU 1A,
47301 PJ.
Tel: 78850836

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