Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Shopping Spree # 2

I dont intend to buy anything today during lunch time, I am suppose to teman PY to go to Watson and Parkson only. But seeing my title up there, you know I have bought something anyhow. Hehe.

Our first stop was Watson, while waiting for PY to purchase her stuff, I walked around around to look for the Venus shaver refill. This refill is priced at RM29.90 for 4 refills. Whoa! So dem expensive. Opted for another cheaper option. Shnick - RM7.90 for 5 shaver, much more cheaper. Their refill is priced at RM5.90 for 3 blades.

Then remembered that my hair moose for makeup business has finished. So bought this Shurei brand hair moose.

Then walked walked walked and saw this leave-in hair conditioner from Pantene - RM9.20. Thought of conditioning my dry and frizzy hair, bought this.

Then we went to Parkson for PY to buy her Clinique Eye Gel Set - RM140. Surprisingly, they dont have it there. So, we walked to Isetan. From far away we saw there are still stocks available for the Eye Set.

Once we were standing in front of the counter, Chloe Lew, Senior Consultant saw us and quickly came and greet us. We enquire about the eye gel, then she let PY tested and showed her how to use it. Heard PY name a lot right, now I show you a glimpse of her.

Once glance at PY, she knows PY have eczema. She said Clinique is coming out a product for eczema skin end of next month. So far, no details have been given yet. Chloe even offered to take down PY number and said she will contact her if the product is launched.

Then I asked about the makeup remover that I have bought earlier on the instruction of usage, and I have told her about the two versions from two different clinique counter. So she explained the correct way of usage (I assumed it is correct cause it make sense!): Massage the remover oil on the face, then dipped some water on the palm, the oil will become milky-like, then massage again on the face, then wash it off. This way your face wont feel oily after washing and it wont dry up your face, so your face will be cleaned thoroughly. Make sense right?

When I asked about their Age Defense Cream. Chloe explained to us patiently on its function and usage. We were really happy with her service and patience. Now this is what I call as Excellent Service. My next year skin care target would be this:

While waiting for PY queing up to get the RM10 Isetan voucher. I walked around the Laura Mercier booth located 1 feet beside the voucher redemption counter. They are having Christmas package offer (while stock last).

I enquired about the LM Mineral Powder which I heard is very good. The promoter said they dont have it in this booth, have to go to the counter. Then I said no need. Then when I flipped through their Christmas catalogue, I saw black and white eyeshadow palette, though of trying the texture. Again the promoter said they dont have it here, and have to go to the counter. I was like "everything also dont have, then what are you displaying here?" in a jokingly manner la.

Then walked past the LM booth, came the perfume set offer booth, located at another feet beside. I saw my favourite most-wanted perfume at the moment having promotion set! OMG OMG OMG! The box is exactly same as the picture below: 30ml Incanto Heaven with 50ml body lotion.
Picture credited to

The Incanto Heaven Set priced at RM157 (Original Price is RM190). O M G~!!! So cheap~!!!. I heard that the 50ml is priced at RM285 and 100ml priced at RM330. The promoter said is the last 2 sets, is one of the best-selling sets so far and is very worth it (I deemed this as sales talk). He even offered 2 vials as free gift. Then PY beside me keep on saying "If for me, I would have bought it already lor". Devillish PY.

I almost has the urge to purchase as I love this perfume so so much. Luckily I managed to pull back myself by telling myself that I already spent so much but I still yet to purchase my bro's bday gift (coming soon), my dad's bday gift (whereby his bday has already passed), scott's baby nephew gift and scott's mum bday gift. Yer....I so wanna owned the Incanto Heaven~!!!! Cool down siew mun cool down siew mun....ya cooling down.

So walked back to Parkson (Ya, I didnt buy the perfume set) as PY is still yet to spend off her RM30 voucher (expiring on 7 December 08). Ended up at Audrey Lingerie cause RM30 can be spent by purchasing undies without the need to top up RM10 or above. Standing there waiting for to choose (I have taken a seat nearby but she insisted me to tag along), then I saw this: "BUY ONE FREE TWO".

Buy one free one already worth it, now buy one free two??? WTH? I checked the price of the bra, pricing at RM59.90 each. So for RM59.90, you get 3 bras (RM20 each). I was like excited again as I am searching for bras as well. Choose choose choose, no B-cup bra, I was like har??? choose so long but dont have my size??? I am gonna curse ppl again....
Then the promoter ask me to take A-cup (reluctantly to accept the fact that I am taking A-cup) as C-cup is too big for me for that particular design. She measured and measured (as I did not want to try in the fitting room) and she said can fit me nicely as this one is made of slightly stretchy material. Anyhow, I bought it as the promoter's service was good, and the way she commented me wasnt offending at all. The "free two" bra I bought was C-cup.

The below bags belong to PY's spree.

Now, Friday has become our shopping spree day. We have been buying things every Friday since last month. Swt! PhuiYee~!!! When is this trend gonna stop???? Please stop my craziness!

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