Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in Sunway Pyramid

Yesterday boy boy's car CD player greeted me with this -->

So dem smart hor?

We went to Sunway Pyramid for a walk. My bro asked me, "Go shopping again ar?". I said no la, just simply walk walk only. I just wanna feel the festive mood and listen to Christmas songs. Ya right!

First stop was MNG, they are having Sales. Actually I wanna look for working skirts, but dont have many to choose from actually, only 2 styles. Ended up I browsing for pants again. Saw one type that was priced RM69 after 50% off (others were RM100 and above even after massive discount like 70%). Trying to look Mexican size 1, but all were either size 0 or size 5 and above.

Not willing to let go the pants, I took size 0 to try on. I could fit in actually but a bit of fats popped out. Sigh. I was size 0 once (that was the time when people thought I was anaeroxic). Have to let it go lor. Boy boy waiting for me outside the changing room saw me came out with empty hand, he looked at me with sympathy. Hahaha....

Now, when I shop in MNG, if I see the design nice and price is affordable, the next thing I would look at is the label where it is made from. If made from any other part of the world besides China, I would consider to buy it. I dont understand why they set up a factory in China (to lower down the cost I suppose) but they still priced it the same as last time. Tipu consumers? I do not know.

Unhappily walked out from MNG, unhappy cause I didnt get anything from there! Then we walked walked walked, and we walked into Nose. Took a look at the 50% off shelf. Whoa, dem cheap wei, it was like RM20 to RM25 per pair. I thought of buying a slip on with a bit of heels. I already eyed a few pairs but I couldnt make decision which color to choose from. Hahaha....have to think of what color clothes / dress I have.

Nobody to make the decision with me! Help me la! If I were to ask boy boy, he will said, "You like la, up to you la". =.= asked already = didnt ask like that. Hehe. I stood there for quite some time and still couldnt make up my mind. If you ask me to buy clothes, I can decide very fast, but not shoes.... where is PY? where is Nicole? where is Azzah? I am starting to miss them. Anyhow, didnt buy anything from Nose. My in-decisive mind on shoes was really serious that day. Sigh....

Walked for few hours and I didnt buy anything. I hate walking shopping complex and ended up empty handed. Hate it! But boy boy bought bed sheet from Akemi for himself. Akemi was having very good bargain le, and Akemi brand was really good quality as heard from Nicole. Now boy boy become more 'dangerous' than me liao as he has a record of buying things everytime he shops recently. lol.

I was taking care of baby Jun Lam for 1 hour. That was his reaction when he was put under bright room light. He was trying to cover the light so that he could sleep. Then boy boy quickly switched off one light.

See, baby Jun Lam got a hair cut.

Based on the 1 hour experience, taking care of a baby is no easy task. When he is asleep then is fine. But when he is crying, I got so nervous and dont know what to do. Hahahha....

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