Sunday, December 14, 2008

BellyGood Restaurant - Sunway Mentari

Celebrating Nicole's birthday with Heng and this birthday girl wanna try out this restaurant known as BellyGood. Formerly known as Wendy's Bistro, that was the name when my family visited them few times. After they changed the name, my dad dont dare to go in as he thought the quality might be different due to different owner (See how big can an impact done when you change your restaurant's name). However, as assured by Nic's boyfriend Joe (an avid food blogger), this restaurant belongs to the same owner. They changed name in order to avoid confusion as another fastfood chain also named themselves Wendys.

As you see from the menu, it stated "The Pork Lover's Paradise", so it is non-halal.

The kitchen is located besides the dining hall. So if you can choose your seats, dont see directly in front of the kitchen, it might be a bit hot when they cook.

I ordered Mango Smoothies Lassi (RM6.90). When I see the term "smoothies", I expect blended shake with mango. However, when I take the first taste, some small ice cubes went into my mouth, and I have to bite it off. After coming out from the dentist on Saturday, I am very particular of biting these hard things. They should have blended it more to become a real smoothies, it was not called ICE mango drink by the way. Taste-wise was not bad as it was feel with lots of mango. I just dont like the small ice cubes.

For appertizer, we other their famous Portabello Mushroom with Bacon and Garlic (they have another option of cheese and garlic as well). It tasted quite good but I just think the portion is just too small for the price that you are paying (RM12.50). I almost forgotten to take picture (See...i already cut the mushroom, ready to eat as I was super hungry), then Heng and Nic reminded me....Hahaha....they laughed at, "how can a blogger didnt take picture of the food!".

Then, we ordered a mixed platter (RM23.90) that came with 2 pieces of pork ribs and a slice of pork belly. Erm, the ribs were not what I imagined at all as it came in a big chunk of bone with meat on it. I thought it was the real ribs ("pai kuat") that comes in strips. The pork belly tasted delicious (we should have order a full size). The ribs were well-marinated.

We ordered another portion of pork ribs (RM23.90), same as the above. We should have ordered the spicy ribs. See, that's what will happen if I am super-duper hungry, I couldnt think wisely of what to order. The sauce tasted nice as well.

Heng refused to take pictures but he offered to take pictures of me n nic.

I do think that the food served tasted a bit different from what we had before they changed name. Don't know whether is my physcological thinking or what. I must ask my dad to pay them a visit so that he can compare the food quality (he visited this restaurant more than me!). Overall, the reastaurant is cozy, good for family outing or a nice chat with friends.

BellyGood Restaurant
20, Jalan PJS8/18,
Sunway Mentari, Petaling Jaya.

Tiny Piece of Direction: This shop is located opposite the famous Yuen Steamboat (across the road).

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