Friday, December 12, 2008

Baby Jun Lam's Fullmoon Gift

Received a call from Boy boy said that his sister has reserved a fullmoon gift pack for me, asked me to go and collect. Then I think think think, dont feel like going out at night. When I called his sister, I havent even said I dont want to go and collect, she already offered to send it to me! sweet of them!

Kenny dropped by my house and passed this gift to me. Btw, I have not seen baby JunLam for more than 2 weeks, miss him so much!

Once I took it, I straight away poured out the curry chicken and reheat with my microwave. It came in 4 big pieces of chicken and lots of curry (my bowl is quite big ok). Just ate dinner a bit as I was waiting the arrival of the gift. Hahaha. Managed to eat one piece only as the glutinous rice made me very full!

See the red color stain on my finger tips! Coz I peeled off the egg shell.

Thanks Heather and Kenny for the Fullmoon Gift, wish Baby JunLam will grow up healthy, happy, handsome and 'lam sei' girls!

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