Wednesday, December 3, 2008

1960s - 1970s dresses

Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady style?

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The laciness is too much for me plus the exaggerated handbag and hat!

Victorian Style?

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Nope...too belongs to 1880s....but I love laces and ruffles though.

60s rock queen style?

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Too elvis-look-alike....

Mod dressing? twiggy's era.

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Might consider .... love the boots though...

How about Hairspray style? The scene is set at 1960s.

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Erm... quite bombastic hair

3-piece Go-go Style?

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No way! Dont have the body to flaunt this piece.

Why not Beetles' style instead? Buy a suit and a wig!


After all the internet searching, finally I am happy with ........


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Yup, you guess it right! My company annual dinner theme is "sixties and seventies".

Now I know what style I want, so my checklist for the costume:

- dress (the most important part of the costume!)
- boots
- hairband / hat
- earrings
- gloves
- leggings
- retro belt (maybe)

Did I miss out anything? My budget for the whole costume (inclusive of the accessories to compliment the look) is RM100. Let's see whether I can buy everything with that budget. Cant wait to go to Sg Wang tomorrow after work with PY to hunt for our dinner costume.
Good luck to me!

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