Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wisdom Tooth

My bro brought up this topic to me yesterday and I was thinking about my past experience on having a wisdom tooth removed. Actually he is in dentist now waiting for his turn for wisdom tooth removal. Bless him eh. Yweng also had his wisdom tooth removed 2 days ago le.

I believe that wisdom tooth suppose to appear when someone has wisdom huh. Do you know that wisdom tooth actually is known as Mandibular Third Molar? It is similar to other molars we have and it suppose to help us to grind food. What if this tooth giving you a problem? No choice but have to pluck it off lor, if not it will affect the tooth beside as well.

When you said you wanna remove your wisdom tooth, at that time, you will hear lots of stories: "You need a strong male dentist to pluck it as female dentist has no strenght to pull it off"; "You will get fever after that"; "If the tooth break half way then you are in deep sh*t"; "it was dem pain" etc etc etc. Havent go pluck also got scared liao. Hahaha.

Let me share my wisdom tooth plucking incident with all of you. I was having a bit pain on my left jaw quite frequently. It pained for few days then it went off. On n Off, On n Off like that. So decided to set an appointment with dentist to remove wisdom tooth.

First, the dentist escorted me to an X-ray room to check the condition of my wt. My wt came as 180 degree horizontally (like the picture below - arrowed). Next, I lied down on the chair to be ready for a small surgery (yup, removal of wt is consider a surgery). Dentist Dr Lim (old man = the boss of Lim Dental Group) came in and inject 3 anaestatic into my gum. Yup, is THREE injections and yes, it was freaking pain. Tears dropped off (normally I can stand the pain but the tears automatically came out, cant control). After 15min, IT started: the drilling, the slicing, the sucking (of blood), the cling cling clang clang (dont dare to look liao). The process wasnt pain as my gum was numb already.

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Finally The Pulling: the nurse hold on to my head while Dr Lim trying to pull it out. Then I heard "cluck" sound, "lucky you, the tooth came out as a whole" Dr Lim said. Whoa, what a relieve! Then he sewed back the hole. Then Dr Lim said "if you have a swollen flesh between your jaw and your neck today or tomorrow, please come back and see me". Now, guess I have to pray hard for my gum not swell. Then (ya, is not finish yet), he proceeded to pluck my upper tooth (the one directly above my wt). This extraction was very fast and a bit pain only. Dr said if you dont pluck this one, it will become loose as there is no bottom support for it already.

When everything was finished (45min process), I was still abit dizzy and blur. Walked out from the room, the minute I saw Scott, my tears fell off again! Guess I want him to manja me back. That's the advantage of being a girl! Hahaha. So girls, tag your bf along when you do your extraction. You definately need support after the whole process.

Another fact for you guys: A person who has lack of one or more wisdom teeth is known as Hypodontia. Guess I am a "hypodontiaN" now. Wahahaha.

Do share with me your experience with extraction of wisdom tooth if any (Guess my bro will be dropping me a comment soon).

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