Sunday, November 16, 2008

What a busy Saturday!

I am expecting 15 November 2008 is a busy and hectic day for me as I have 2 weddings going on together on the same day! I guess 1115 must be good ONG day.

What happened was:

5am: woke up --> bath --> makeup.

5.45am: drove to SuHwa's house in Segambut.

6.20am: reached her place and woke her up (Yup, she was still sleeping when I reacher her place; I dont blame her cause all brides will have a tiring day on the-day-before-wedding-day).

7am: makeup and hairstyling session started.

9am: Left her place before the bridegroom and "heng dais" reach there. (If not, I will be stucked inside together with the "ji muis").

9.40am: Rest at home + removed makeup + breakfast.

12pm: Left my house to Lim's house in USJ (yup, he is another bridegroom on the same day) for lunch.

12.20pm: Reached Lim's house and met Ivan and his wife, so sat together and chat. Lim was not back yet from picking up his bride.

1.30pm: Chat with Azzah for a while (sorry dear, dont have much time catching up with you, will call you up later for a dinner after work ya). Bridegroom still nowhere in sight.

1.45pm: the moment I was in my car preparing to drive off, heard cars honking all the way, finally the bridegroom is here! But couldnt congrats him personally as I need to rush to SuHwa's dinner makeup. (Lim, will go to your house later to check your wedding potraits k).

2.30pm: Reached home --> bath (I dont even have time to makeup myself)

3.20pm: Reached Royale Bintang (The Curve). Makeup session started.

5.45pm: Depart to Gold Hill Club (Manjalara).

6.30pm: Sit in the bride's makeup room to makeup myself. Cant afford to let people see a makeup artist without makeup. Hahaha.

8.15pm: Dinner started.

9.45pm: Changed SuHwa's second makeup.

10pm: Starting to have headache.

11pm: Went back home.

I was sooooo exhausted I can say but the thing is both of this occasions are happy occasions, I tend to feel happy as well. I had a meaningful "Love Is In The Air" day. Woop!

p/s-1: Will be uploading some photos with SuHwa and me on her big day soon.
p/s-2: Already uploaded SuHwa's makeup photos at my makeup site:
p/s-3: Didnt take any photos with Lim as I didnt manage to meet him on his big day.

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