Monday, November 17, 2008

Tiny Thoughts # 3

This month must be a good month for couples to get hitched as I have recieved 3 invitation cards for wedding! 3 red bombs in a month!

Lim's one.

SuHwa's ones.

Sharon's one coming up this Wednesday. I am her makeup artist as well.

After attending so many weddings in a few days time, at first I am still ok. However, I gone KO after being asked the same questions more than 10 times in a day (last saturday to be exact)! Break my record I am telling you.


The golden question, wasnt it? Starting that time, I still can answer the question with calm. Towards the end, the more I hear this question, the more sadness I feel. I dont have this type of feelings last time leh.

Felt like I could not get married.....

Felt like gonna be single forever.....

Felt like no ones want me.....

Felt like I am so pathetic.....

Feeling Totally emotionally-unbalance right now. Damn!

When my friend asked me, "why I so desperate to get married?"

My answer was, "because I see all the brides are happy, so I wanna be happy also lor!"

He straight away swt --> =.="

That's the thing when I recieve too many makeup jobs within a period of time. Sigh. Poor Scott, he has to bear with me during this period of time.

Will become emotionally-stable again once I am free with makeup jobs I think. Dont know is a good thing or bad thing in this case. Hahaha.

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