Sunday, November 16, 2008

SuHwa's Big Day

While waiting for SuHwa to prepare herself for makeup, I managed to take some photos of her nice tiny decorations in her room. The "Double Happiness" symbols were everywhere!

Her wedding gown and veil, and dont forget a red umbrella!

Tiny nyonya-style basket.

Me and SuHwa after her makeup.

She told me later in the afternoon that when she heard honking of the groom's car, her heart beat was beating extremely fast. I think all brides will have the same feeling as this is one-in-a-lifetime experience ma. I really can feel her excitement.

Dinner was in Gold Hill Club, Manjalara Kepong. The decorations of the stage: Double Happiness symbol, champagne + pyramid of glasses, 3-storey wedding cake.

I didnt take the photos of the dishes as I paiseh (malu). Cupcake and a laminated bookmark with the bridegroom and bride photo on it for each guest.

But I couldnt resist not taking this dessert Gold Fish piece. Very nice.

Managed to take a photo with SuHwa after her second makeup.

Gal, wish you all the best with Raymond! Keep in touch ya.

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