Friday, November 21, 2008

Soaked in the Rain!

After attending a customer launching in Mid Valley, PY and I deciding use what type of transportation to go back. We had three choices:

1) Take KTM to KL Sentral, then take LRT.

2) Take feeder bus to KL Sentral station, then take LRT.

3) Take free shutter bus to Bangsar LRT station.

Taking into account the cons of each choice, we made our mind to take FREE shutter to bangsar. Waited at the tent there for 15min still no bus --> began to rain heavily. Sigh.....then we regretted taking bus, should have take the risk and take KTM. Another 15 min passed and finally the free shutter came DURING heavy downpour. Squeezed ourselves into the bus and ended up partially wet.

Once we reach Bangsar LRT station, I do not know whether the bus driver wanna kenakan us (20 over passengers) by stopping far away from the stairs up to the LRT station, and the route to the stairs were not covered.

Luciky PY has an umbrella and we walked together. However, both of us stopped when we were in front of a BIG pool of water, deciding whether we wanna cross or where to step. So we decided to just cross over the big pool water and walked into it.

Once I stepped my first step, my right leg ended up in a dem big hole ok...i was like #%$@#@&* and this PY laughed at me (no time to take photos of the big hole). Already soaking wet, she still got time to laugh. Dem kelam-kabut la both of us. I cursed the driver, why cant he just drop us in front of the stairs ....stupid...
There goes my shoes and my stockings...I was freazing cold wei.... PY's shoe was on the right. Her shoes act like a small water reservoir and she had to pour the water back out from her shoes. Wahahahha.... (laugh back at her first).

Inside the LRT...aircon blowing like mad, shirt wet, skirt wet, hair wet, shoe wet......looked dem messy and dem cold, luckily I got a shawl.

While waiting for scott to pick me and PY up, took some photos from the overhead bridge.

Lucikly no fever today...tought I got a cold....

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