Monday, November 17, 2008

The Ship - Damansara Uptown

Celebrated my dad's bday in The Ship, one of the oldest Western Steak House around. However, there was one time that their workers on strike and gave the customers a very very bad services (ie. the food didnt turn up, served the wrong food, simply take order, wont layan you etc). That's why is been quite a while that we did not go back there. Until recently, the service improved much much better already.
When I took up my camera and started taking pictures of my surroundings, my sis said "cheh cheh looks like a tourists, take photos everywhere!" =.="

My sis ordered prawn cocktail, her usual dish in Western steak house - RM10.90.
Dad ordered a Seafood Chowder, out of his usual taste. Normally he will order Ox-tail soup. Dont know why today he ordered this - RM9.90. Tasted weird.

Half dozen Escargots (French Snails) - RM15.90. Our usual dish as well. I can say that The Ship serves one of the best Escargots in town.

Mum ordered a T-bone steak - RM47.90. Very Juicy.

Dad ordered a Sirloin Steak - RM47.90. Not bad.

I ordered Rack of Lamb - RM36.90. The minute I tasted the first bite, I regretted on my choice. The sauce tasted spicy and weird. They mixed with chilli sauce perhaps???? Should have order the lamb chop with mint sauce. What a big mistake.

Bro ordered sizzling steak without sizzling - RM38.90. Yup, you heard me right -- "without sizzling" as he had a sore throat that day and wasnt up for a sizzling mood for sizzling steak. However, all other tables will order at least one sizzling something as this is what The Ship is famous for.

Happy Birthday Dad! (refused his photos to be post on my blog).


Ka Weng said...

Not sore throat. Massive headache... The sound of sizzling will drive me mad that day...

siewmun said...


I think it did drove u mad coz all the neigbouring table were having sizzling dishes. Hahaha....