Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sharon's Wedding Dinner

Yesterday attended Sharon's wedding dinner. Before that, I went to her house for makeup and spotted the wedding car.

Sharon welcoming SzeTing and I in the restaurant.

That was the entrance of the wedding hall. Look at the long stretch of "red carpet".

5-tier cake with a wedding couple patung on the top and tiers of champagne glasses and bouquets of roses.
The couple's wedding table is unique as well! Look at the table cloth with dragon stitches on the side and the chairs with dragon and phoenix ("Long Foong") stitches.

Me and Scott.

Jackie and Sharon.

All the Ji Muis....

SzeTing and Jackie.

I cant stop staring at Jackie's eyes. From far away, I already notice her eyes (being a makeup artist, you tend to notice all these little things). Look at the fake eyelashes!

Bride and the Groom entering the hall.

CHEERS! Kena forced by Jackie to drink red wine tiem...she said if I wanna get married then must learn to drink and finish the whole glass (wanna say like that meh???). Btw, the right glass belongs to mine.

Handsome Groom.

Sharon very excited....


AiFen and the couple.

After the dinner ended, we quickly took some pictures with the couple before anyone comes out.
p/s: stay tune for my next post on the food.

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