Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saturday Shopping Spree

Since we were in The Gardens, how can we not go to Isetan to shop, since they are having member's sales as well. Boy boy bought more things than me! He bought one renoma tee, one G2000 and Seed working shirt. The 2 working shirts were a good buy I can say.

I managed to buy a black shirt from Key Ng - RM65 after 40% discount. Is not a best buy though (For me, best buy definition is something below RM50 after massive discount). I have been hunting for a nice quality black short sleeve shirt for work for quite some time, as the black color of my one and only short sleeve black shirt from ELLE is fadding. Since I saw this piece from Key Ng, I decided to get myself one.

Then, went to Clinique counter with Annie as she said she wants to try out their eye gel. She was a fast decision maker as well, bought the eye gel within 5 minutes after trying. Hahaha. Then there was this Christmas set for Eye Refresher that cost RM140 per set.

The eye gel cost RM130 and you get to have a mascara, eye & lips makeup remover and a pouch for additional RM10. What a deal! Annie said she dont want the extra stuffs besides the eye gel and offered me these stuffs for RM10. Wow! I took it straight away. Hahaha. So, this is what I have got for just RM10.

Thanks Annie!

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