Friday, November 21, 2008

Sakae Sushi - One Utama

After visiting Scott's sis in Bandar Utama area, we went to One Utama for dinner. Not knowing what to eat, we ended up in Sakae Sushi.

Muachi thingy. Like the texture and the paste but dont like the flour that they sprinkled on top.

Our all-time favourite - baby octopus. It came in 6 big pieces (= big baby octopus). Scott likes it but the sauce is too thick for my liking.

Sushi roll. Dont know what crunchy pieces embedded inside it.

Erm, sushi with lala. Scott ate the two pieces.

He was like taking sushi as if taking dimsum. Kept on taking and taking. Hehe. And he took 4 plates of sashimi and I dont know what origin is the sashimi from. I prefer sashimi on ice rather than on the cold packet like that.

Chicken Terriyaki Ramen - RM12.90. I think the chicken was not fresh (the smell is so strong) until I ate one spoon and I can take another spoon. Yucks! So being my bf and garbage truck, he finished the whole bowl (btw, I was not the one who ordered this dish). :P

Green Plate - RM1.90; Pink Plate - RM3.90; Red Plate - RM5.90.

During the dinner, his customer called ......

"Hello leng chai, how are you? ... I am having dinner lor .... with friends ... So how can I help you?"

15 min later: "Ya, you have to do that....."

Another 15min later: "I am really hungry now, can you just put down the phone and let me finish my food!"

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