Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rosey Kimono-Inspired Dress

Kimono-inspired clothing was a craze 2 months ago and even until now it is also a craze. Bought myself a kimono-inspired dress (RM45) with rosey print from an online boutique known as Ancient Orchids.

When I opened the package last night, I thought the color was a tad too dark for me. But I like the rosey print on top. Besides, some lines of the dress was lined with gold powder (not to worry, it didnt stain my hand). It comes with a tie-back sash (told you I love anything with ribbons). Anyway, it is made of Lyra material and the material does not fail my expectation, quite thick and good quality.

The above picture is without flash and the bottom picture is with flash.

When I was opening the package, my mum told my dad, "look at your daughter, didnt go out shopping also manage to buy clothes". Dont know whether this is a praise or ejek-ing me. Hahaha.... Happy with my purchase, also one of my best purchase from online boutiques.

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