Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rainy Day!

Afternoon 2pm when I was doing my own makeup that time, heavy rain suddenly. I was like "har???? like that meh???". Last Saturday I got a makeup job and it rained, today also like that...

If I go out under heavy rain, then my makeup all gone case already lor.... But luckily at 3pm, the rain slowed down a bit then I quickly asked my dad to send me out with an umbrella.

While waiting for traffic light, spotted James Bond advert...I havent watch lei....

Still raining....

While driving, took some shoots as well...can you see the red signboard??? That's my makeup academy.

While driving took some photos as well (not advisable, coz is dangerous!).

3.15pm: Waiting for SzeTing to come down from her condo, told her to wait till rain lighter a bit first only come down.

Do some cam-whoring myself while waiting.... (spot Silkygirl Dreamy Pink lipstick, plus I top it up with a nude lip gloss).

Spot Christian Dior Eyeshadow (light grey, grey, and black combination).

Wearing slippers and rolled up my jeans...if not will be all wet.

4pm: Started my job as a makeup artist for Sharon.

Stay tune for Sharon's wedding dinner photos.

p/s: As usual, her makeup portfolios will be uploaded at my makeup site.

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