Sunday, November 9, 2008

PJ Seafood Restoran

Kinyu suggested to go for this restaurant since he was the boss of the day! He treated all 8 of us to this seafood restaurant with a tad of Hawaiian decoration.

This was the entrance of the restaurant. Balinese style of wood, chinese style of Tanglung, Hawaiian style of music. What a fusion???

First, we were served with 2 plates of nuts and 1 plate of papaya pickles (RM2 per plate).

Teochew Steam Fish, RM31. Taste-wise was ok.

Pork Ribs, RM36. This was their signature dish. The ribs were well-marinated and they were all big pieces. Love this dish!

Salted Egg Squid, RM20. This dish was a tad too oily for me and the squid was not so fresh.

Stir-fried Vegetables, RM18. Quite standard.
The above few dishes pricing was all right. Let me introduced you the 2 overly-priced dishes from this restaurant. First would be the Beancurd Soup, RM35. At first glance, you thought it was Shark fin soup right? Nope, there were no sharkfin or any expensive ingredients in this soup. It was just mushroom, beancurd and some normal stuffs and it cost RM35! Tasted original.

The most expensive dish of the night = Soy Sauce Prawn. No doubt that the prawns are big but we ordered for 2-3 person portion, its like around 10 prawns, and it costs freaking RM50. The soy sauce was superb, but I still think we kena dubbed by the lady boss for this dish.

I love the Ribs and the Prawns out of the whole lot. Just an advice for you guys who wanna try out this restaurant, remember to ask for the pricing for seafood before proceed with the ordering because the lady boss will recommend you all their expensive dishes first. As a whole, if they price it more reasonable, I would have pay them a second visit.

Thanks Kinyu for the treat!

P.J. Seafood Restoran: Plot A, Simpanan Talian, Elektrik Kpg Chempaka, 47410 PJ. Tel: 012-9277162. [Coming from Aman Suria, turn left at T-junction, immediately turn left go uphill]. This restauran is located near Tropicana.

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