Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pizzeria Bella Italia - SS2

Pizzeria was once our family's hangout place for dinner. Ya, "WAS ONCE". After they changed the owner (i still understand why they want to change owner since they have such a good business all along), the standard of the food dropped tremendously. All their signature dishes were not as nice as before or maybe even worse.

After a year, Nikky suggested to try out this restaurant and I myself would like to know whether they have gone back to the same standard as last time, we tried out this restaurant out of curiosity.

Set lunch comes at RM9.90+ includes 2 variety of spagetti and 1 pizza (choose one), ice lemon tea / tea and soup (mushroom, minestrone, and another one I forgotten the name. The RM9.90 set main course does not look attractive. On the other hand, you can order other main course and for just paying the menu price for the main course, you get ice lemon tea and mushroom soup for free.

Ice Lemon Tea - complimentary. Only has a little bit of lemon taste in it.

Mushroom soup - complimentary. Not as nice as before.

Scott ordered Seafood spagetti - RM21.90. Looks like fried spagetti to me and it tasted very sour (I thought Scott squeezed too much lemon into it but he claimed that he just squeezed a little bit). This dish came with a mussel and a few pieces of prawns.

Chicken Bolognese Spagetti - RM11.80. The presentation was not nice at all! It tasted normal. My mum cook better bolognese than this.

Nikky ordered Risotto - RM15.80. The taste was not bad.

After giving another chance to this restaurant, I still think that they do not deserve my second visit (strictly personal opinion).

This shop is located same row as Murni SS2. Now only I notice that there is no address printed on their receipt. Haha.

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iless said...

Hi Siu Munn ! i know u had bad expirance in 2008 with pizzaria bella italia .. just will like u to know its ITALIANO'S now and will like you and your friends to visit us again