Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oriental Pvailion - Jaya 33

Dad recieved a RM50 birthday voucher from Oriental Group of Restaurant. So we decided to head on to the nearest Oriental Group which is Oriental Pavilion Restaurant in Jaya 33. We opted for their dimsum selection. The captain gave us a paper with a list of dimsum dishes and its prices and brother proceed with the ticking of dishes.

While waiting, the waitress gave us 2 plates of nuts, which costs RM3 per plate. If we know this is sooooo overly priced, we would have just settle for one plate.

Yam puff ("wukok") - RM6 which is a must-order for my brother - tasted great! The ingredients inside was nice and the puff was so crunchy and not oily.
Portuguese Egg Tart - RM5 for 3 small tiny pieces. It looks like normal egg tart la, dont know why they wanna add the Portuguese word. Not nice.
Mango Wrap - RM6. The fillings was prawn and with a small plate of mango sauce. Tasted very nice.
Fried Eggplant with Chicken Floss - RM8. This dish was simply superb! Really is their own creation, never tasted this anywhere before. The chicken floss fried with a bit of red chilli and some onion tasted superior and this dish was not oily at all.

Red oil dumpling - RM8. This dish is over priced as well. The dumpling was nice but the sauce was not up to expectation, tasted too much like soy sauce to me. Prefer the one in Dragon-i.

How can we do dimsum review without Char Siew Pao right. RM5 for 3. The exterior was ok but the interior tasted too sweet.

King of Siew Mai (Siew Mai Wong) - RM7. The siew mai was not bad but I dont like the caviar on top, so fishy smell.
Scallop Dumpling - RM8. This is quite a big piece with big prawns and smelly vege on top. Tasted quite nice despite the smelly vege.

Pork Ribs - RM5. This dish was totally out of standard, not nice at all. Was like a big chunk of pork fats without the ribs.

Loh Mai Kai - RM6. Woop, this dish does not come with mushroom but replaced with a slice of abalone. The sticky rice was nice.

All and all, not bad for this restaurant and good job with my bro for ordering the food.

Oriental Pavilion: Lot P 104 & A, 1st Floor, Jaya 33, 3, Jln Semangat, Section 13, PJ. Tel: 79569288.

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