Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ming Cusine Restaurant - PJ

Much awaited wedding food post on Sharon's wedding reception! At first we saw this packaging, it looked like a pink "wan tan" (dumpling). There were 2 heart-shape chocolates inside.
4-season platter (I always like the first dish) consisted of baby octopus, crab meat with fish paste, bird nest with chicken and capsican, and fish ball.
Shark fin soup - a tad too salty.

Roast duck - the skin was very crispy but a bit salty. Note the small bowl of abalone with some paste on top?? this dish tasted weird - cold cold n sour. Hehe.

Fried fillet - Woop! Note the fried fish head. The presentation of this dish is very nice. Wish they could put more mayonaise for the fillet.

Butter prawns - very nice and buttery and the prawn was big as well.

Mushroom and vegetables.

Lotus rice - very very nice, the taste is very rich! Jackie voted it for best dish of the night!

Sea Coconut with longan - very sweet and refreshing.

With some lotus pao and fried pan cake (I always love chinese pan cake).

The dishes served here was hot (not like other wedding banquet who serves cold dishes) and not bad quality. The only thing I am not satisfied was the customer has to pay RM3 for parking in their premises to eat in "their" restaurant. Weird.

Ming Cusine Restaurant
16, Jalan 19/1, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 79551218
(near British American Tabacco and the new Jaya Food Court)

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