Friday, November 14, 2008

MAC - Eye Kohl

Today's lunch time target was MAC White Color Eye Pencil. You must be wondering why i wanna buy a WHITE eye pencil. This is to highlight the inner corner of your eyes to give a 3-D feel. Besides, white eye pencil apply under eye can make your eyes look very big.

After lunch, stumbled upon bright red booth at the middle of KLCC, very striking and attractive deco (sorry le, didnt bring my camera along), we were wondering what brand is it. Then we saw "Red" MAC. Ooooo, no wonder everything was in red and black (black being MAC signature background).

MAC was lauching their holiday collection called "Red: She Said MAC". The model advertised has a vintage look with her vintage hair and dressing and chilli red lips. Woop, everything equals to SEXY! Love to have that look myself but cant carry out that look.
However, I dont have enough time to check their collection and I went straight to MAC shop. Cant resist to browse through their collection and their eyeshadow pallette caught my eyes! 6 color pallete with extremely nice packaging. The pallette that I saw was light grey, grey, black, nude, brown and bronze. Wow, all nice colors! It is retailing at RM178. Sigh, cant buy already cause I had bought Dior pallette last week.

Ok, grab hold of my sadness (yup, I am sad cause I cant own the limited edition cosmetics) and went to the eyepencil collection corner. Tried the tester, happy with the texture, happy with the color, then ask the salesman to find me a new one, proceeded to the counter and paid RM60. Whole process took 5 min (The salesman must be happy to see customer like me, so fast and easy to serve).

Then they gave me this plastic bag. I am very impressed with this plastic bag --> very elegant, very sexy, very high-class looking. Love the ribbon as well. I was hoping the girl give me a bigger one.
Nevertheless, I am happy that I bought something, at least I got the limited edition plastic bag. Hahaha.

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