Sunday, November 16, 2008

Key Way Dim Sum - Paramount

A team of us (Nikky, Suyin, Kwei, Annie, Kaweng, Scott and me) went to Key Way in Taman Paramount to have dimsum for breakfast. Actually Key Way is a branch from the Taman Megah outlet. I would expect the food and quality to be same as its Taman Megah. However, I was quite surprised with this branch as there were so much more variety of food served here. Somehow, some dishes tasted better in Taman Megah branch.

Nevertheless, bringing along Nikky and Scott for dimsum, I expect no less than 10 plates from both of them (see my previous post on dimsum to see the amount they have eaten). They keep on taking taking and taking until the table was full of dimsum, and until we asked to stop and finish it first before continue to take again.

Let's start with the variety of dimsum.

There were only a few dimsums came in a typical dimsum basket. Each basket cost RM6.

Then, lots of fried stuffs. RM5.50 per plate.

Then came the chee cheong fun.

Yam basket.
Pork ribs with bread. Fried fish paste.
Lotus leave rice.

There were soooo many dimsum until I also dont know how to name and describe them. Hahaha. The total damage for 7 of us was RM101.10, but the boss gave discount to us and round up the figure to RM100. If you are looking for cheap affortable dimsum and lots of variety, this is the place you can try out.

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Mr Hao Liao Dimsum said...

Thank you i am the boss of the paramount garden dimsum keyway. invite more people to eat next time. ^^ our product is always protected by satisfaction guarantee and with 1 minute cooling off period :D ~the beijing-slang guy with shanghai hat.