Monday, November 10, 2008

Happenings in KLIA

Went to KLIA with scott to pick up his aunty (his mum's second eldest sis) from Australia. While waiting, we lepak around. Went into a fragrance shop to check out Dior's products (actually to check out the pricing of the eyeshadow pallette). The price is the same as counter leh. Then I mentioned to the salesgirl there is no difference in your pricing. She answered "Dior price is standard everywhere". Then I said "then I no need to buy my things here lor". She said "but I can give you free miniature!" SWT! Other counters also give out free gifts le, what a lousy selling point.

Then When I walked out from the shop, another salesgirl passed me a perfume strip, Elizabeth Arden. Woop! Smell nice. She said this is called Mariah Carrey, selling at RM180 for 50ml. She claimed that it is 20% cheaper than counters. I just said thank you and walk away cause I am not in need of perfume even this MC perfume smell nice.

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Went to Elizabeth Arden website to checkout this product (to double check whether the salesgirl got tipu me or not). It was indeed Mariah Carrey Luscious Pink EDP perfume. The cover is so nice --> Butterfly shape. Love the bottle design and the combination of the bottle color as well. I got this strip on Saturday and left it in my bag. When I took out the strip, the smell was still there even until today! Surprisingly long lasting leh, I wonder how much the salesgirl sprayed on the strip. Haha. Now my next task is to go counter and checkout the price first.

Ok, smell nice nice and when to pick up his aunty. The moment his aunty saw me, she said "both of you married?" Although it was in HaiNan dialect but I roughly can catch what she said. Then Scott clarified "my girlfriend". Then later his aunty asked his mum again, "both of them not married?". Guess what Scott's mum answered?????


Ermmmmmmm....aunty ar.....not so soon lei.......

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