Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hair Removal

Our body are all covered up with hair, so it suppose to be normal right? But if the hair is thick and long or maybe curly, its annoying right? People normally will have "hair issue" with areas like armpit, legs, back, feet or face. I am not going to talk about bikini area ok, cause is a sensitive issue.

I always hate the hair on my legs, so long. So I explored some hair removal options. There are few ways to remove unwanted hair:

(1) Waxing

Waxing will totally remove the hair from its root and it will not grow back for 2 - 8 weeks. The procedure is to apply wax on the area and paper strip is placed on it. The paper strip will be ripped off quickly with the direction against the hair growth. This method is very effective and fast (in split second). However, this process is very painful and uncomfortable, it might cause irritation as well.

My experience: Bought a box of waxing material myself. Applied wax, sticked the paper strip (before that you have to warm it with your palms). Then waited for 10minutes and ripped off! It was damn pain (dem shiok!) and not even one strand of hair was removed. Hahaha. You know what went wrong? The waxing condition is the hair must be less than 10mm in length. But the hair on leg are more than 10mm! Furthermore, I think there was not enough heat generated by my palms. So my first waxing failed!

(2) Cream

You apply the cream on your unwanted hair area. Then wait for few minutes then slice the plastic knife-like thingy against the hair growth direction. This method does not cause any pain.

My experience: Without giving up and to avoid the pain, I bought the cream type hair removal package. I followed the instruction as well. It did remove my hair without any fuss or pain. However, it was not clean, i mean you still can see like tiny tiny spot of your hair root on your feet. It looked like my legs kena poison like that, tiny tiny black spots.

(3) Shaving

The application is exactly how men shave their moustouche (hey, now I only know I couldnt spell this word).

My experience: I bought a Shaver, Gillette Venus (RM30 something) and continue my hair removal explore. After consulting Scott on how to shave, I started to use this shaver on my leg during bathing, because Scott said it is easier to shave with wet surface and wont cause irritation. It is fast, easy and painless!

picture courtesy of www.gillettevenus.com

Although people said the hair grow thicker and blacker after you shave but I dont care. I will just keep on shaving everytime the hair appears on my leg. Wahahaha.

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