Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gelatissimo - The Gardens

On the way back to the carpark, boy boy said wanna eat some ice cream, so I brought him to Gelatissimo asked him to treat me. Hahaha.

Here is the price list.
There are quite a big range of flavours, more than 24 flavours. You can taste some of it before you decide which flavour to choose from.

So, boy boy chose one flavour (apple) and I chose one flavour (american choc).

I was so excited to eat the ice cream and I forgotten to take picture of my 2 scoop ice cream. Once in a while you indulged yourselves in some gelato, it tastes like heaven! Wahahaha...a bit too exaggerated am I. Both of us happily enjoying our ice cream while walking to the car park.

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