Sunday, November 2, 2008

Frontera Bar & Grill - Jaya One

Ok, our adventure for food continues! The word "our" refers to other food enthusiasts besides Scott and me. Haha. This time, the food-hunters consist of Calvin, Annie, CoolWong, Nikky, Suyin, Scott and myself. Decided to try this Mexican Restaurant called Frontera Bar & Grill located at Jaya One.
That was the interior of the restaurant, with some Mexican decorations of Ponchos, but I couldnt spot any Mexican hat eh. Quite cozy I can say. But the seating place (located at a corner) that they gave us got lots of mosquitos, dont know why.

More ponchos! Can I grab one? Look how the ponchos color was reflected on the table. So Mexican feel!

I ordered a Chicken Tacos (RM19.95). It came with mexican rice, mashed beans and some dressings. The cheese is raw, totally different from what I had in another restaurant. I am used to eating Tacos with baked cheese. This dish was not up to my expectation. The mexican rice was a bit dry and a bit tasteless, and the mashed beans also tasted farnie. The small portion of cut tomatoes on the top right corner was superly SOUR! I think this is the REAL mexican food I guess.
Scott ordered Polio Ranchero (RM26.95). It was chicken breast served with mexican rice and some marinated cucumbers and corns. The chicken is well-marinated and I quite like the taste but the sauce that were on top of the chicken tasted a bit weird. The vege also tasted much better than mine. It was quite a small portion for Scott as he complained not full (poor him).

Calvin ordered Enchiladas Suizas (RM28.95). Enchiladas is a corn totilla wrapped around a filling (any type of fillings) covered with sauce. He said the enchiladas was not bad and mexican rice also not bad.

CoolWong also ordered a different type of Enchililadas called North of the Border Enchiladas (wow, is a mouthfull wasnt it). It was the same as Calvin's one but these enchiladas looks more burned a bit.

Annie and Suyin ordered Sonoran Style Beef Burritos (RM24.95). It came with exactly the same side dish (I guess all mexican dish are like that). They commented the inner filling of burritos was very nice. I guess Mexican is still famous with their beef dishes.

Nikky was the one a bit different from the pack, he ordered Fajitas Mesquite-Grill Beef (RM36.95). It came in a sizzling hot plate, 3 different type of sauce and 3 pita bread if I am not mistaken. The beef smelled nice though. I forgotten to ask his comment on this dish.

Nikky in action!
Erm, overall I would say if you like authentic Mexican cruisine, this is the place you must try out. I will be back to try the beef steak. But if you find Mexican taste is not your cup of tea, I wouldnt recommend you to go there. I do hope that they improve the speed of serving food, we waited quite long for the food to be served (nope, there were only 3 tables included us), and if can, do improve the size of the servings as well (my boy boy wasnt full!)
Frontera Bar & Grill: 18-G-2, Blok L, Jaya One, No. 72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya. Tel: 79588515.

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Anonymous said...

I happen to be one of the few Mexicans living in KL and Frontera´s food is the closest that we can get from México I go there even 3 times a week!

The sour garnish is called "pico de gallo" similar to your "acar" and it´s supposed to taste like that

By the way the sombreros have´t been using them for like a 100 years!

Jose Luis