Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Shopping Spree

Woohoo! is Friday again! 2 hours lunch time PLUS Isetan and Parkson member's day sales! However, my target for today is perfume for men (you know who I am buying for). PY and I already tried some perfume brands in Parkson last week and decided to go for Gio Gio Armani perfume as they have free bags (travelling bag or lady bag).

When we reached there, from far away, PY already saw the lady bag display space was replaced by the travelling bag. She sensed something was not right straight away. To her dismay, the lady bag was out of stock. She was really really disappointed as she really really wants the bag. Poor her. :-(

Since no free bag giveaway, we went around and scout for other brand who are offering free bags. As much as we scout (we have been turning round n round around the perfume section for few rounds), we couldnt see any other brand offering free lady bag. So sad.

However, as you can see below, I got the red parkson bag.... definately I have bought something.... continue to scroll down.....

Ta-da! The perfume is wrapped up cause is my christmas pressie for Scott. Hehe. Thanks the salesgirl, Jasmine for wrapping up the present for me. Nicely done. She attached ribbon on it somemore.

Btw, the perfume set is from Salvatore Ferragamo - it came in 100ml EDT and free body shower gel. I forgotten what sense I took already. When Scott opens it that time, I will take another picture of it ok.

Then I asked for free gifts - women perfume. Jasmine gave me 2 miniatures (1.5ml) - "Fascinating" and "Incanto Heaven". When I asked for the smell, she being so kind to spray on a strip for me. I love the "Incanto Heaven", very fruity and sweet smell (love this kind of scent as my current Escada Tropical Punch also has fruity scent). "Fascinating" was not bad either.

Then she gave me 3 options for the additional gift: "Incanto Heaven" body lotion, makeup pouch, or a men's travelling pouch. After smelling the Incanto Heaven scent, plus I do have lots of makeup and travelling pouches, I chose the IH body lotion.

When I asked for another free gift (being a greedy customer :P), Jasmine gave me an additional IH miniature since she saw me so love the scent. So nice of her! She was also being very patience with me (I tried quite a number of perfumes). I think I got a good buy this time plus good customer service.

Then, Jasmine saw me holding Shu Uemura Eyelash curler. She asked me to go and pay for the perfume first and get the RM20 parkson voucher, then go and pay for this curler together with the vouchers. I didnt even thought of this tactic! So, original price of RM60 minus RM20 voucher, I bought this curler for RM40.

Heard rave reviews on this curler, so decided to give it a try. Will review it once I start using it.

When I asked for free samples (really tak malu betul!), the salesman gave me 2 packets of SU serum and moisturizer packets without hesitation. So nice of him as well! I thought I wont be getting anything cause I just purchase a mere RM60 curler, but he did give me some free samples. As a customer, I am happy.

And Parkson being so stingy, gave me this small plastic bag for the curler. I expected them to give me the red paper bag as above in a smaller size. Cis!

As a whole, I am a very happy and satisfied buyer today!

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