Friday, November 14, 2008

Freaking LRT

Today while we are Q-ing up for the LRT. Suprisingly, there came an empty train, happily entered the train and me and my bro got a seat! [the pink depicts me; blue depicts my bro].

After Taman Bahagia station, when the train was taking a slight turn, it breaked EMERGENCY-ly, and the 2 guys [green and brown boxes] lost their balance and fell (or should i say FLEW) to the front [follow the round circles same color as their boxes]. They got nowhere to grab because there were no passenger standing in front of them!

At the mean time, the air con suddenly started dripping water (a lot) to a passenger's seat (light blue box), then she quickly stood up and water started to flood her seat.

After a few seconds, before the 2 guys could stand up properly and grab the bars, the LRT started to move again and they fell to the back again [follow the light color circles accordingly], and struggling to regain their balance.

What a drama! I was thinking if the 2 guys are women, wouldn't they be flying a few feets away??? Sorry la ladies, we dont have good reflexes as guys. If it were me, i straight away will fall down to the floor aready and my face will hit something definately.

I think the lesson is no matter where u are standing, grab hold of the bar at all times.

Freaking LRT!


maro^gal said...

wah.... u watchin movie in LRT??
din giv a hand to them ar???

should hav take some pix eh... heHheee

siewmun said...

erm...consider watching "movie" lor. Hehe. They didnt fall to my side also.

No pics taken paiseh la..ppl falling still wanna take their pics....mou lek..