Wednesday, November 19, 2008


or wat????

I dont understand why these people like to spam other people handphone said that they have won this and that, and asked them to dial this number. Once dialled then jalat liao lor.... think we people stupid or what????

I think these scammers would like hit one in a million (or maybe thousands / hundreds) who believe with this sms and call back is it???? Well, it DID work can read a lot of these frauds from the newspaper.

This time worst still: "Nombor SIM card anda". WTH! How can my sim card number be released to outsider other than digi? Sometimes, this digi also too much, simply release our phone numbers to outsiders (or maybe selling?) or maybe outside just HACK into their system and steal the phone numbers???

Sometimes you even get a call from unknown numbers said that you have won something and have to go to this particular place to collect the prizes. I straight away said "I am not interested". If I have won a prize that I did not enter, you think I will go to that place is it????

I had joined lots of contests before and the organizer will send me an official letter states that I have won the prize. In this case, I will believe. If I have won Shell prizes (I did joined Shell contest before, but not with my SIM card ok), wont they even bother to send out official letter to inform????

Hope these scammers will stop spamming people phones and stop cheating the ONE in a million.


maro^gal said...

HAhaa... cool down gal...
i get these a few times jor... btw i'm a ''billionaire'' liao lolz

not only digi... all telco is the same.. think they jus got a sys to retrieve all our information... AHhaa

siewmun said...

their firewall so lousy easy let ppl hack one...