Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fong Lye Restaurant - The Gardens

This restaurant is highly recommended by my bro, so today decided to call the whole hochiak team to venture into this restaurant located at the top floor of The Gardens, Mid Valley. No matter what you go, you still have to Q-up for seats.

Here is the menu....
Let you peak at some of dishes offered there....

I noticed that every table must have a plate of this Sweet Potato Balls. So we ordered one plate to try out.

The potato ball does not have enough potato insides, they are using the orange colored sweet potato, and is very chewy. Being eating the potato balls in Petaling Street all this while, I still prefer the one in Petaling Street.

They only offered Yougurt drinks, milk drinks and Ice Milk drink, price ranges from RM7.30 - RM9.90. The tea offered cost too expensive - RM12 per pot for 2 person, addition RM3 for an additional cup. Crazy. Guess not much options for drinks hor...

Ice Green Bean Milk - RM7.30. Nikky said it tasted normal only.

Now, lets start with the 2 person who ordered special set (different side dishes from the rest of us) and the most expensive sets of all:

Calvin ordered Taiwan Steam Boat Set - RM29.80. It came with a small size steamboat with soup, a bowl of glass noodles, a bowl of chilli and a plate of ingredients.

Calvin said the chilli very hot.

The ingredients consisted of corn (mini-size), crab sticks, beef ball, egg with fish paste, mushroom, lamb slices, lala, beancurd and vege.

Opps...almost missed out this mousey-look-alike fish ball....

Calvin said it tasted ok but is not worth to eat as he can have RM20 steamboat buffet else where.

Scott ordered Mix Seafood & Meat Set Meal - RM29.80. It came with a steamboat with the ingredients already inside, a plate of stir fried chicken and a bowl of rice. The steamboat consisted crab, prawns, crab stick, beancurd, fish ball, egg with fish paste etc.

The soup tasted very sweet, somewhat tasted like miso soup as well. This set comes with a plate of chicken as follows:

Scott commented quite nice, the seafood was quite fresh.

Now, the rest of us ordered the standard set - RM19.80 with the same set of side dishes: long bean with garlic, fried fish ball with bread crumps, egg, lotus soup, and a bowl of rice. The only different is the main dish.

Lotus soup - not oily, tasted quite nice, at least it doesnt taste like drinking water like that. Mine came with one big piece of lotus and a piece of chicken.
Rice with marinated pork ("lou yuk") - Fantastic!

Annie main dish is the Taiwan Chicken Chop Rice. She said it is crunchy but a tad too salty. Like Uncle-Bob fried chicken in Pasar Malam like that.

Nikky ordered Fresh Tomato Fried Egg with Fish. He said quite nice.

Suyin ordered Steam Fish with Pineapple set. Her one took quite some time to serve. She prefered Nikky's steam fish compared to hers.

My bro ordered Spare Ribs with Sweet & Sour Sauce Set. I tasted one piece of it and it was quite nice. Nicely marinated.

This restaurant is located at the 3rd floor in The Gardens. Opposite Sushi Zanmai and Borders Book Store.

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