Friday, November 7, 2008

Dior - 5 Color Eyeshadow

I was searching for silverish grey eye shadow recently as this color is IN this season. After meeting up with Su (bride-to-be) who pointed to a magazine picture (silver eyeshadow) and said she wants this color. I know I got to hunt this color just for her before her wedding day!

So, started my search after lunch with PY and Nura today. Went to several counters such as Anna Sui, Shiseido, Clarins, Estee Lauder, YSL, Shu Uemura, Christian Dior, Bobbi Brown, and Stila in Parkson KLCC. Didnt buy anything yet, went to survey for colors and price first.

I had Dior as my first pick after coming out from Parkson as their eyeshadow texture is very smooth and easy to apply. Then, went to Isetan and bumped into Dior counter who is lauching their "Midnight Glamour" (I forgotten the theme) and I fell in love with their eyeshadow palette! The range of colors are much much more than the Dior in Parkson. But I just love this particular limited edition pallette. The salesgirl claimed that only Isetan is launching this limited edition.

Woop! Bought this Dior 5 Couleurs Palette Fards A Paupieres (5 Colors Eyeshadow Palette) for RM187. Normally Dior eyeshadow pallette comes with a highlighter located at the middle column but for this particular range, it is BLACK and is shimmery as well! So nice to use for smokey eyes. The pallette contains dark blue, light blue, dark grey, light grey and black with some shimmery on top.
The bottom pic is with flash.
It comes with a small bag to cover up your pallette, oh so glamour! The pallette comes with a mirror and 2 eye brushes. Isnt it worth the money????

The salesgirl who served me was so nice and so patient with me trying the colors, she helped me by trying out the colors on hand, accompanying me walk here walk there to look at the range of colors that they have. The most important thing is she didnt give me any sombong stare as some of salesgirl did. After I decided to buy the pallette, I asked the salesgirl for a free gift, and I expected she will give me one. Instead she gave me TWO! Oh so nice of her.

She let me try out their cleansing water (makeup remover) called Eau Magique Demaquillante (another mouthful name). She cleanse all the eyeshadow on my hand and after that my hand felt so soft! Even PY said so. They are selling this product for RM100 (and I thought Dior is a very expensive brand!), is so affordable!. Too bad I just bought Clinique. But will purchase this after my Clinique finishes.

She asked me whether I want anti-wrinkle, whitening or hydration sample. I wanted to try their hydration series so she gave me Hydra Action Deep Hydration Moisturizer. Yet to try this.

Thought of going back to purchase from her again in the future but too bad she is just a part-timer there (what a pity!). She referred to me to her supervisor (who is older) if I wanna buy things next time. I almost spilled out "who wanna find her to buy things???" cause she was so rude to the salesgirl! She acted like she is the boss of Dior and treated her staff sooooo bad. I witnessed / noticed her rudeness in just 1 min and lasted for 10min during the whole process. I wonder how these people can be supervisors?

As a whole, this was my first experience shopping in Dior counter and I enjoyed the whole experience with a helpful salesgirl (I forgotten to ask for her name!) despite the rudeness of her supervisor.

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