Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Clinique - Liquid Facial Soap

Liquid Facial Soap Mild is the first step of Clinique famous 3-step skin care. There are two types of soap availabe -> liquid form and bar form. Scott has been using the bar soap since secondary school until now, never thought of changing it, loyal huh. However, I think girls would prefer the liquid with a pump-type as this type of packaging is much more convenient to use.

Priced at RM78 for 200ml, I bought the Type 2: Dry Combination, as I have combination skin. With just a gentle pump, a drop of the liquid is sufficient to generate enough foam for your face. Thus, it can last for quite some time. I would like to recommend you girls to create foam on your palms first before applying on your face. If you straight away rub the drop of liquid on your face and creating foam by rubbing your face, it will make that particular area very very dry.

picture courtesy of www.clinique.com

After 1 week of usage, I notice that my skin at the cheek area a bit dry, skin started peeling off (a bit). Then I suspect whether I over-cleanse my face with this foam or not. Then I changed my routine abit: I apply the foam to my face one round then I wash it off (Previously, I rub and rub and rub few rounds). Ended up my face back to normal.

Although it is stated in the packaging that it is 100% fragrance free, but I still smelt some lemon smell while using it. Maybe this is due one of the ingredient. The smell is still tolerable.

Overall, it cleanse your face thoroughly and you wont feel tight at all after cleansing.

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