Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Borghese - Fango Active Mud

I was introduced to Borghese Mud Mask when I worked in Sasa 7 years ago. All the Sasa girls will have this mud mask at home. I started with my first purchase of the 200g tube packaging, 2nd purchase being the 500g container and now is I am using the 3rd purchase.

This mud mask is Borghese Star Product - enriched with minerals from Tuscany volcanic hills. It unclog your pores and remove dead skin cells of your skin (face and body). This 500g packaging comes with a spoon for your to scoop out the amount that you want and a sponge for you to rub it off during bath time (only when you apply on body).

Picture courtesy of www.borghese.com

The most obvious changes that you will notice after washing off the mask is your face is brighter and fairer! Your skin will feel tighter and cleaner. I use it once a week. If you are a first-timer using this product, your skin will feel pain as it unclog your pores (the more dirty your face is, the more painful when you applying this mask).

I am not sure whether Sasa still carries this product or not. I think I bought it for RM180 last time if I am not mistaken. This 500g container really can last you a long time. Started with me using it, then my mum, then my brother, then my sis. Almost my whole family is using this product. Do I need to say more?

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