Friday, November 21, 2008

Bon Bon's Bakery & Cafe - Damansara

Since my family discovered Bon Bon's more than a year ago, we will visit them once in 2 weeks for lunch. They only open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays (include saturday) and closed on Sunday.

They are famous for their Mee Rebus. My whole family love it and even jojo's parent loves it. The only bad point is they only serve mee rebus on Tuesday and if you go too late (ie. after 2pm), is all sold out.

Sometimes, they will have mee rebus on Wednesday. Since I was on leave, me and my sis decided to try our luck. We reached there at 11.30am and the waitress said mee rebus sold out. Disappointed.....

My sis settled with Fish & Chips - RM13.90.

I settled for Oriental Spagetti - RM9.90.

This cafe is managed by two sisters, who are very friendly and they are the ones who cook the food. Furthermore, they bake NICE cakes as well. My sis loves their cakes. The bad point of this restaurant is that the servings are quite small. For me, is just nice but I dont think is enough for big eater like Scott. Despite that, the food is very tastey.

Bon Bon Bakery & Cafe: (sorry guys, I dont have the address for this cafe) It is a shoplot located outside Atria, Damansara near the entrance of KFC and Esquire Kitchen (facing Esquire Kitchen).

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