Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bobbi Brown - Long Wear Gel Liner

Eyeliner is an essential and a must for people who wants to enhance the size of their eyes. However, not many people know how to apply eyeliner themselves or proper eyeliner I should say. Generally, eyeliner can be divided into liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner.

This is strictly based on my personal opinion: The disadvantages of liquid eyeliner are it takes time to dry off and smear easily if you blink. No doubt, it is very nice if you apply it correctly. All and all, liquid eyeliner takes lots of practice to perfect it. On the other hand, the disadvantages of pencil eyeliner are it is hard and will hurt a bit when you apply and usually is not dark enough.

Now for those who wants to apply eyeliner but finds that liquid or pencil liner are hard to apply. Then you have a 3rd option! Bobbi Brown came out with GEL eyeliner, which is the best eyeliner among all I can say.

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It comes in a small container whereby you have to use a brush to apply it. It can be applied very easily and it doesnt smear at all due to its quick-dry texture. It is very good for beginners to use eyeliner as you can apply slowly without worrying of smearing. And it is dark enough (I bought the Black Ink). If you just want a thin liner then you apply one layer across your eye, and if you prefer thicker then you can apply 2-3 layers above it.

Now, how to apply eyeliner? Just use your left hand (any finger that is convenient to you) pull the outer side of your eyelid (1 cm from the corner of your eye) so that your eyelid has a smooth skin. Then apply the eyeliner slowly and carefully with your right hand (if you are a right-hander of cause). It is uncomfortable at first --> you have "dao kai ngan" while doing it. But after a few application, it is easy for you.

Oh, what if you draw out of line? Just use a cotton bud and wipe it off! Simple! This eyeliner can last you the whole day without smearing or going off. Strongly recommended. Although the price is very steep: RM70 for 3g but I think you can use it everyday and I think will last you 6 months.

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