Monday, November 10, 2008

Black Opaque Leggings

There was a time when I searched high and low for black leggings, cause it is so sexy! A girl will instantly adds a sexy omph when she matches her clothing with leggings. Now they have all various patterns of leggings in the market. But being me who is a bit conservative, will just settle with black opaque leggings. Black opaque leggings also look very sexy.

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See, how sexy is the black leggings! However, most often I ended up buying the ones that I didnt not even wear out to street once! Cause is either too transparent and it looks weird on my leg. I just don't understand why some people looks so nice and sexy with black leggings. Ended I gave up for quite some time.

Until Phui Yee (she also looking for black opaque leggings) saw black opaque leggings on, and is selling for RM13 each (promotion price). At first I was quite hesitant to purchase leggings online but since the owner said that is "cant see through", and we decided to trust her. We ended up purchasing each one each. (Actually I wanted to purchase a white leggings also but PY said will look cartoonish, so I didnt buy lor).

The postage arrived today! Was so excited to open it.
Tested it on myself immediately!

To me, the material is very comfy and is opaque! True to the owner's words!

Paired it with my shoes! Nice?

Thanks to the owner who was prompt in replying my mails and delivering my product. One of my best buy online. A happy and satisfy buyer I am!

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