Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Shopping Spree

Mega Sales in ON! We went to Sunway Pyramid to shop. Boy boy has joined in to my shopaholic craziness and he was more crazier than I am. He grabbed shirts like nobody business. Wahahha. These were what he bought....a total Renoma fan.

He bought 2 undies as well, I took the pictures already, but I think is inappropriate to post it up here. lol.

Now, my turn to shop: Nichi Fashion City - A super large shop that always have a big sales sign but ended up only a rack or two having 50% discounts, other items being 10% (a bit da mis-leading). However, this time they are slightly different with 4 - 5 racks having 50%, ~5 racks having 30%, and 10% storewide.

Bought an orange top because it is my company's corporate color. RM19.90 less 10% = RM17.91. Now I need to think what to match to make it casual formal look approprate for Friday's attire.

I have been eyeing this green shirt since August when they only had 10% sales. This time, it was 30%. So, RM49.90 less 30% = RM34.93. Hope size M fits me because this is the only size left, and I havent try it yet.

Jeng Jeng Jeng~!!!! My most awaited boutique - Elements .....
IS ON SALE! (purposely took these pictures for PY to see).

This time, they didnt give me a nice bag (maybe I didnt buy more than RM100 gua).

Not suppose to buy shirts (Elements shirts are overpriced usually), but spotted this top at the 40% rack (only 2 short racks on 40%, others around 10% - 20%). Bought this for RM41.40 after 40% off from RM69.

Bought this shoes for RM47.20 after 20% off RM59. Again, is peep-toe shoes but this time is with buckles, not ribbon. The buckles are stick on top of a transparent plastic sheet.

I think is low enough for walking gua.

Hopefully it wont blister my feet like what Nose did. Anyhow, I had bought some shoe padding which I will be uploading in the next post.

Saturday Shopping Spree

Since we were in The Gardens, how can we not go to Isetan to shop, since they are having member's sales as well. Boy boy bought more things than me! He bought one renoma tee, one G2000 and Seed working shirt. The 2 working shirts were a good buy I can say.

I managed to buy a black shirt from Key Ng - RM65 after 40% discount. Is not a best buy though (For me, best buy definition is something below RM50 after massive discount). I have been hunting for a nice quality black short sleeve shirt for work for quite some time, as the black color of my one and only short sleeve black shirt from ELLE is fadding. Since I saw this piece from Key Ng, I decided to get myself one.

Then, went to Clinique counter with Annie as she said she wants to try out their eye gel. She was a fast decision maker as well, bought the eye gel within 5 minutes after trying. Hahaha. Then there was this Christmas set for Eye Refresher that cost RM140 per set.

The eye gel cost RM130 and you get to have a mascara, eye & lips makeup remover and a pouch for additional RM10. What a deal! Annie said she dont want the extra stuffs besides the eye gel and offered me these stuffs for RM10. Wow! I took it straight away. Hahaha. So, this is what I have got for just RM10.

Thanks Annie!

Gelatissimo - The Gardens

On the way back to the carpark, boy boy said wanna eat some ice cream, so I brought him to Gelatissimo asked him to treat me. Hahaha.

Here is the price list.
There are quite a big range of flavours, more than 24 flavours. You can taste some of it before you decide which flavour to choose from.

So, boy boy chose one flavour (apple) and I chose one flavour (american choc).

I was so excited to eat the ice cream and I forgotten to take picture of my 2 scoop ice cream. Once in a while you indulged yourselves in some gelato, it tastes like heaven! Wahahaha...a bit too exaggerated am I. Both of us happily enjoying our ice cream while walking to the car park.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fong Lye Restaurant - The Gardens

This restaurant is highly recommended by my bro, so today decided to call the whole hochiak team to venture into this restaurant located at the top floor of The Gardens, Mid Valley. No matter what you go, you still have to Q-up for seats.

Here is the menu....
Let you peak at some of dishes offered there....

I noticed that every table must have a plate of this Sweet Potato Balls. So we ordered one plate to try out.

The potato ball does not have enough potato insides, they are using the orange colored sweet potato, and is very chewy. Being eating the potato balls in Petaling Street all this while, I still prefer the one in Petaling Street.

They only offered Yougurt drinks, milk drinks and Ice Milk drink, price ranges from RM7.30 - RM9.90. The tea offered cost too expensive - RM12 per pot for 2 person, addition RM3 for an additional cup. Crazy. Guess not much options for drinks hor...

Ice Green Bean Milk - RM7.30. Nikky said it tasted normal only.

Now, lets start with the 2 person who ordered special set (different side dishes from the rest of us) and the most expensive sets of all:

Calvin ordered Taiwan Steam Boat Set - RM29.80. It came with a small size steamboat with soup, a bowl of glass noodles, a bowl of chilli and a plate of ingredients.

Calvin said the chilli very hot.

The ingredients consisted of corn (mini-size), crab sticks, beef ball, egg with fish paste, mushroom, lamb slices, lala, beancurd and vege.

Opps...almost missed out this mousey-look-alike fish ball....

Calvin said it tasted ok but is not worth to eat as he can have RM20 steamboat buffet else where.

Scott ordered Mix Seafood & Meat Set Meal - RM29.80. It came with a steamboat with the ingredients already inside, a plate of stir fried chicken and a bowl of rice. The steamboat consisted crab, prawns, crab stick, beancurd, fish ball, egg with fish paste etc.

The soup tasted very sweet, somewhat tasted like miso soup as well. This set comes with a plate of chicken as follows:

Scott commented quite nice, the seafood was quite fresh.

Now, the rest of us ordered the standard set - RM19.80 with the same set of side dishes: long bean with garlic, fried fish ball with bread crumps, egg, lotus soup, and a bowl of rice. The only different is the main dish.

Lotus soup - not oily, tasted quite nice, at least it doesnt taste like drinking water like that. Mine came with one big piece of lotus and a piece of chicken.
Rice with marinated pork ("lou yuk") - Fantastic!

Annie main dish is the Taiwan Chicken Chop Rice. She said it is crunchy but a tad too salty. Like Uncle-Bob fried chicken in Pasar Malam like that.

Nikky ordered Fresh Tomato Fried Egg with Fish. He said quite nice.

Suyin ordered Steam Fish with Pineapple set. Her one took quite some time to serve. She prefered Nikky's steam fish compared to hers.

My bro ordered Spare Ribs with Sweet & Sour Sauce Set. I tasted one piece of it and it was quite nice. Nicely marinated.

This restaurant is located at the 3rd floor in The Gardens. Opposite Sushi Zanmai and Borders Book Store.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Cervical Cancer Vaccination

Vaccination for cervical cancer is a hot topic among the girls nowadays. Decided to post this up to create awareness among the women. Being pressured by two of my friends, Nicole and PY who asked me to take the vaccination, I took up the challenge. Hahaha.

Yup, this is my second jab this time around (to be exact, I was being jabbed just 1 hour ago). Remembered when I took my first jab 2 months ago, my hand was numb on the spot! I am not a needle-phobia person (I donated blood few times before and the needle was much more bigger than this), but I didnt expect this jab was so painful after the injection. Driving back that time, I changed gear with my right hand. Plus, I blasted my left arm with my super cold aircon. The pain during that particular night was unbearable, my whole hand felt so uncomfortable the whole night until I cant sleep. Poor me. The pain lasted for 2 days and gradually wore off after that. SUFFERING~!!!!

Reluctantly to accept that 2 months have passed and today is THE DAY. Thick face going into my childhood clinic, Klinik Kanak-kanak Khoo (yup, Dr Khoo is offering cervical cancer vaccination). Here is Dr Khoo holding the needle.

Dr Khoo jabbed me.....

Here is my afternath...bleed a little....

45 minutes later .... Supprisingly there was a little bit of pain this time around, is like 10% of the 1st time painfulness. Maybe I complained to Dr Khoo about the first time injection, so this time he jabbed me softly. My arm was not numb, I still can drive, I still can type (typing this blog now, lol). Hopefully tonight can sleep well....keeping my finger cross....

Now, let's talk about some facts. Dr Khoo is using CervarixTM developed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), and he is charging RM400 per jab so total RM1200 for 3 jabs. Based on Wikipedia, Cervarix is a preventive vaccination which can block HPV (Human Pappilomavirus) infection from strain 16, 18, 31 and 45. It cannot block other HPV strains, therefore, routine pap smear is still recommended for ladies after vaccination.

Cervical cancer is the second rank cancer after breast cancer for women. Is up to you whether you want to take this vaccination but please bear in mind that you can check any lumps for breast cancer indication while you could not check for cervical cancer symptoms externally (besides doing a pap smear test).
Guys, please encourage your girl friends (note the space between the two words), your younger sister, and your love ones to get this vaccination for future protection. As a women, we need to protect our valuable assets, dont we?

Friday Shopping Spree

Woohoo! is Friday again! 2 hours lunch time PLUS Isetan and Parkson member's day sales! However, my target for today is perfume for men (you know who I am buying for). PY and I already tried some perfume brands in Parkson last week and decided to go for Gio Gio Armani perfume as they have free bags (travelling bag or lady bag).

When we reached there, from far away, PY already saw the lady bag display space was replaced by the travelling bag. She sensed something was not right straight away. To her dismay, the lady bag was out of stock. She was really really disappointed as she really really wants the bag. Poor her. :-(

Since no free bag giveaway, we went around and scout for other brand who are offering free bags. As much as we scout (we have been turning round n round around the perfume section for few rounds), we couldnt see any other brand offering free lady bag. So sad.

However, as you can see below, I got the red parkson bag.... definately I have bought something.... continue to scroll down.....

Ta-da! The perfume is wrapped up cause is my christmas pressie for Scott. Hehe. Thanks the salesgirl, Jasmine for wrapping up the present for me. Nicely done. She attached ribbon on it somemore.

Btw, the perfume set is from Salvatore Ferragamo - it came in 100ml EDT and free body shower gel. I forgotten what sense I took already. When Scott opens it that time, I will take another picture of it ok.

Then I asked for free gifts - women perfume. Jasmine gave me 2 miniatures (1.5ml) - "Fascinating" and "Incanto Heaven". When I asked for the smell, she being so kind to spray on a strip for me. I love the "Incanto Heaven", very fruity and sweet smell (love this kind of scent as my current Escada Tropical Punch also has fruity scent). "Fascinating" was not bad either.

Then she gave me 3 options for the additional gift: "Incanto Heaven" body lotion, makeup pouch, or a men's travelling pouch. After smelling the Incanto Heaven scent, plus I do have lots of makeup and travelling pouches, I chose the IH body lotion.

When I asked for another free gift (being a greedy customer :P), Jasmine gave me an additional IH miniature since she saw me so love the scent. So nice of her! She was also being very patience with me (I tried quite a number of perfumes). I think I got a good buy this time plus good customer service.

Then, Jasmine saw me holding Shu Uemura Eyelash curler. She asked me to go and pay for the perfume first and get the RM20 parkson voucher, then go and pay for this curler together with the vouchers. I didnt even thought of this tactic! So, original price of RM60 minus RM20 voucher, I bought this curler for RM40.

Heard rave reviews on this curler, so decided to give it a try. Will review it once I start using it.

When I asked for free samples (really tak malu betul!), the salesman gave me 2 packets of SU serum and moisturizer packets without hesitation. So nice of him as well! I thought I wont be getting anything cause I just purchase a mere RM60 curler, but he did give me some free samples. As a customer, I am happy.

And Parkson being so stingy, gave me this small plastic bag for the curler. I expected them to give me the red paper bag as above in a smaller size. Cis!

As a whole, I am a very happy and satisfied buyer today!