Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tropic Thunder

Scott and I went and watch Tropic Thunder together with Nikky and Suyin. I am not fond of these type of "mou liu" movies but since I got nothing to do that day, we will just tag along. Anyway, looking forward to watch Downey Jr as I loves him in Iron Man movie.

This movie is about a few actors from all different backgrounds and successes gather together to film a true war story. They got dumped at an unknown forrest for filming and went into true enemy.

This movie featured whole lots of actors/actresses with cameo appearance. You will be busy spotting them. Among a few are Tyra Banks, Lance Bass, Tom Hanks (I didnt manage to spot him), Jennifer Love Hewitt, Martin Lawrence, Tobey Macguire (Spiderman guy), Alicia Silverstone, Sean Penn, Jon Voight etc.

Spot Tom Cruise in his outrageous outfit! This outfit comes with a fatsuit, fake large hands and fake bald wig. His character is super bland and super fouled-mouth with super lame dance moves. Barely recognise him except his lips. Originally, he was supposed to cameo Matthew McCougney's character as Ben Stiller's agent. But the crew reworked the script and create the character Les for him.

I think you should watch this movie in VCD as a lot of words are being censored, is like almost one full sentence being cut. Quite vulgar as well. Some articles said that this movie is offending the retarded people, but I do think that "is just a movie anyway", so why bother?

I like Ben Stiller's muscle, dont know whether he got touch-up or not or really is his real muscle. And I like Robert Downey Jr potraying an American-African with a thick Australia accent, he has this weird move in the movie playing Kirk.

If you ask me to rate this movie, I will rate 1 out of 5 stars for story line and 3 star for the acting (just because of Downey Jr).

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