Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tiny Thoughts # 2

As you know, I take LRT to work everyday from Kelana Jaya Station to Ampang Park Station. Since the first station is KJ station, if you want to grab a seat, you can choose not to go in when the train comes until you are lining up front enough to grab a seat.

People in KJ station are kind enough to line up properly and follow their Q. However, there are someone tends to not line up and cut Q somewhere or somehow. If you wanna cut Q, just make sure that the people lining up has entered the train and the Q has stop moving, then you can go in straight without lining up. I just dont understand why some people has no courtesy at all. Below are the scenarios that I have encounter:

Scenario 1:
Train stopped, door not open yet, this guy coming up straight from the middle (The red spot - between the 2 Qs) and waiting to go in. People in Q stare at him, he acts like "dont know". Another one is coming in from the side (The Blue spot - at the side of the door) trying to cut in. Phui Yee told me that in a case like this, she was lining up as the 3rd one. A guy trying to cut in from the side, the first guy in the Q so happened to be a Mat Salleh, one hand block the door and told the guy "Please Q up". Whoa! so yao yeng man! But this cutting Q guy ignored him and still standing there waiting to cut in (tak malu betul). Second guy in line didnt let him in as well. Now, you wonder what Phui Yee did right .... she used her elbow to block that guy away (fuiyo... she is so yeng as well!).

Scenario 2:
This was what I encountered today, really creative! I waited for everyone in front of me went in the LRT and I stopped and waited. So I was the first in line. Just before the door closed, this guy came out from the LRT (yup, you heard me right --> CAME OUT from LRT) and lined in front of me. I was like "what the heck!" He wasnt in front of my line just now. What I could think of was that he entered through another door then he came out from the door in front of me, so that he can be the first in line. I am so pissed with him, luckily I got a seat, if not I will be cursing him the whole day. Think of how Malaysians can be so creative nowadays.

Scenario 3:
When you see an old man / old lady come in, you have to give up your seat for him / her right? This is common sense and common knowledge. What I saw was these 2 guys (1 guy 1 girl that do not know each other) seating in front of me. In one station, one old couple came in (it was very obvious that they are very old, furthermore the old lady is blind), they stood in front of these 2 guys. These guys were not sleeping and eyes are wide open, and the acted like "didnt see you". OMG! What were you all thinking! Phui Yee and I keep on staring at both of them. Until the train moved, only they stood up UNWILLINGLY to let the old couple seat.

Where are these people COURTESY??? Curse them!

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