Saturday, October 11, 2008

TGI Friday's - One Utama

Today is a special day for me n my boy boy - 6th year anniversary! we have been together for 6 years! Time flies, we do not even know that we have been together for sooooo long. We still feel like a new couple just started pak toh.

Ok, let's get started with our food tonight. Both of us were not so hungry, so we decided to order a starter, a main dish and a dessert.

This fried mac n cheeze (RM12.90) is a new item added to the menu and we decided to give it a try. Inside is some macaroni stuffed with cheese. It was not too cheesy though, the feeling was like carbonara macaroni like that. Boy boy didnt quite like it, I think that it wasnt too bad.

Our main dish was Blackened Cajun Chicken (RM21.90). The chicken breast was quite dry and there is tiny layer of cheese stick to the chicken. This dish was just so-so. I like the fries though.

Next, the MOCHA MUD PIE (RM14.90)! My all time favourite from TGIF! It was deli-delicious! superb! Loves the coffee ice cream at the bottom with chocolate filling on top and with lots of melted chocolate around it! Although both of us was quite full after the main dish, but we still couldnt resist this dish and we managed to finish it (it was quite a big piece of cake).

That's me and my boy boy. Our relationship is still going strong and hope we will have a happy ending (it looks like I am hinting something wonder what tiny piece of information lying in between the lines).


Sue Anne said...

you've been hinting on this like ever since! haha! someone is gonna jump into kwei's bandwagon soon!

siewmun said...

Haha, yalor...if the person didnt get the hint (or maybe he acts like he didnt get the hint) then i have to keep on hinting!