Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sushi Zanmai - The Gardens

Cravings for sushi nowadays, therefore decided to eat sushi zanmai in The Gardens. The place was quite big, they have a small lane for couples to sit in a small cubicle-like area. The disadvantage is that is not besides the conveyer belt. California Temaki (RM4.80) - is a must-have for me in any Japanese restaurant. The temaki here quite small piece though.
Chuka Lidako - baby octopus (RM6) - another must-have for me n boy boy. The serving here is a lot (around 10 octopuses) with that amount of pricing. Quite nice.
Chuka Chinmi - scallop wings (RM7.60 for 2 sets) - Boy boy's must-have item until he ordered 2 plates. I tried but I still dont like the taste.

Unadon (RM15.80) - Taste-wise not bad.

Sashimi Moriawase (RM25) - 4 pieces of Tuna, Yellow-tail and Salmon each. The sashimi was very fresh and very thick (the thickest among all the Sushi Zanmai Restaurant). Nice!
Looking at their theme "The Genuine Conveyor-belt Sushi Restaurant", I strongly feels that they really are genuine serving the food. Thumbs Up!

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