Thursday, October 23, 2008

Silk Whitia - Collagen Milky Mask

Another mask post! Guess I am too addicted to sheet mask, am I? This time I would like to recommend Silk Whitia Highly-concentrated Collagen Milky Mask. Note the word "Highly Concentrated". They do mean it! is really really thick essence contained inside the packet.
I was told by the salesgirl that this mask is the best selling mask in Hong Kong. How could I not try best-selling items. Furthermore, I have not seen a mask with milk extract inside (now got too many melamine cases, but as long as I dont eat it, is still ok right). So is a must try for me (3 months ago still dont have melamine outpour).
This mask contains hydrated protein, fresh milk extract, ascorbate V-C and active botanical extracted. It has milky flavour in it (smells like it) and I quite like the smell. As the content implies, its purpose is for hydration. It did hydate my skin without any sticky feeling on it.

I like the texture of the mask and the essence of it. But what I do not like is that you have to rinse with water after 20 minutes of application. For me, if you wash it off, is a wastage. But if you put too long and do not rinse off with water, you will ended up getting pimples as this mask is very rich in nutrients. After rinsing, my face feels very fresh.

Bought this in Sasa during sales, I think is around RM50 - RM55 for 5 pieces. Absolutely worth the price!

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