Monday, October 27, 2008

Restoran Sin Yit Sing - Seremban

We (Scott, Nikky, Ka Weng and me) are meeting Kwei and Annie in Seremban for dinner. They said that the crabs there are delicious. So, thanks to boy boy who is so supportive of my food blogging, drove us there. Is not a long drive actually, approximately 1 hour from PJ. Restoran Sin Yit Sing is located at a stranded area but supprisingly full of people. We waited for like 10minutes for a place.
We ordered Coconut Chicken Soup, like a herbal-based soup like that. 2 coconut soup for RM32. Is a bit pricey though, but the soup was sweet, and a lot of herbs and chicken inside. I wish they could put more "kei ji" inside though. Next came the Beggar Chicken (Hak Yee Kai) - RM38 for a whole chicken. The sauce is almost similar to the Coconut chicken. Taste-wise was ok.
Potato Leaf Vegetable (Fan Shu Miu) -RM12. Very garlicky if you like garlic. I like it.

Fish Head Noodle (Yue Tao Mai) - RM10. This is quite cheap for such a big portion. I think they put too much pepper in the soup (for me, I like heavy pepper). Fish was very fresh. Worth every cent.
Last but not least was the Crab - RM60 for 1.5kg crab. We took the original taste crab, which they are famous for. It came with a bowl of chilli sauce. The chilli sauce tasted like chicken rice chilli sauce. I prefer to eat it in its original flavour. Superbly tasty. The only thing is that is a tad expensive.

The total damage was RM172.40. Restoran Sin Yit Sing - No. 103, Taman A.S.T, Jalan Labu Lama, 70200 Seremban. Tel: 012-6020122 / 012-6780968.

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